Thoughts on Dolphins, Language and Tools

Dolphin Hunting with Conch ShellLanguage is what makes us unique, right? Not necessarily. In this PopSci Article “A Clever New Fishing Method, ‘Conching,’ is the Latest Trend Spreading Among Australia’s Hippest Bottlenose Dolphins”, we find that dolphins around Australia passing on a learned hunting strategy from one pod to another at about the speed we learn about the latest and greatest gadget from friends and family. This is considered news-worthy because in the minds of many humans, dolphins are mere ‘animals who only use rudimentary tools’. Continue reading “Thoughts on Dolphins, Language and Tools”


iPad - Sounds that say 'Notice Me!'I was recently in a dentist’s waiting room reading a library book. A couple walks in and notifies the receptionist they are their for their cleaning appointments. They sat down to wait as well and take out their iPads, with their matching black neoprene sleeves and begin amusing themselves, oddly together and separately. I suppose that would be no different from me reading my book. I probably wouldn’t have noticed, except the guy had his audio ‘haptic’ feedback noises set to ‘on’. Continue reading “iPWNage”