The Skinny On Obesity – UCTV

Back in 2009, a doctor named Robert Lustig was the first to put himself out on a professional limb and say we have problems with sugar in a Youtube video called Sugar: The Bitter Truth. It was a very long lecture using a lot of science terms that probably scared away half the audience out of fear of learning something hard and scared the other half numb with incredulity. In the original video he says that sugar (fructose especially) is the toxin that is causing our obesity epidemic. Continue reading “The Skinny On Obesity – UCTV”

News Coverage as Shocking as News Itself

Police Line at Colorado Movie TheatreI find myself as slack-jawed by the news coverage as I am by the news conveyed. Every news franchise – every minute – every news segment – rehashing the same ugly incident over and over. If I were actually at the incident, might this merely reinforce any existing post-traumatic stress? Yes, it hits close to home, but by continually telling us every nuance of what happened – or might have happened – from every bystander’s perspective, do we inure ourselves and our children to even worse future events? Worst is when they show us how the perpetrator did it. Now every sad sack off his meds knows how to do the same, giving us copycat fame-seekers. What was once nationwide atrocity is suddenly common morning news. Continue reading “News Coverage as Shocking as News Itself”

New Website:

magicJack Check logoThis new site provides a small free service. It posts what the latest version of magicJack’s firmware update packages for both Mac and Windows. It checks once a day on an automated schedule, and if either file has changed, an email goes out via google groups to anyone who is subscribed to the list. Needless to say, this will likely be a very low volume list. Check it out when you have the chance. If you have a magicJack, why not subscribe?


Ferret Logo ®Dreamhost provides shell access for users. Sometimes it helps to view the logs for websites created in those users’ names. There are probably a number of scripts out there that already do this, but I thought it might be nice to bring together a number of suggestions from this wiki page to give users a few tools that may help them find out whether someone has been hacking their sites.

No this script does not provide answers — only clues. Hopefully, someone out there will find the script useful. Please make comments below. The script may be downloaded from github here.

The script is really only meant for people on shared hosting with a few sites that don’t have an ocean of traffic. If you do have a lot of traffic and/or a lot of web sites, this scripted solution is not comprehensive enough for your needs.

If you would like to see other capabilities added to the script or would like to suggest changes, please let me know in the comments.