Kenmore Whirlpool HE3t tech manual

Kenmore Whirlpool HE3t Washer Front

Every washing machine by Kenmore is supposed to have a tech sheet stowed somewhere inside the washing machine’s innards. This particular model, actually made by Whirlpool for Kenmore is no exception. However, if you’re buying this washer used, there’s a chance the previous owner never returned the tech sheet to its spot inside the washer. Bummer!

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The Skinny On Obesity – UCTV

Back in 2009, a doctor named Robert Lustig was the first to put himself out on a professional limb and say we have problems with sugar in a Youtube video called Sugar: The Bitter Truth. It was a very long lecture using a lot of science terms that probably scared away half the audience out of fear of learning something hard and scared the other half numb with incredulity. In the original video he says that sugar (fructose especially) is the toxin that is causing our obesity epidemic. Continue reading “The Skinny On Obesity – UCTV”