Kenmore Whirlpool HE3t Washer Front

Kenmore Whirlpool HE3t tech manual

Every washing machine by Kenmore is supposed to have a tech sheet stowed somewhere inside the washing machine’s innards. This particular model, actually made by Whirlpool for Kenmore is no exception. However, if you’re buying this washer used, there’s a chance the previous owner never returned the tech sheet to its spot inside the washer. Bummer!

This doesn’t seem to live anywhere on the web.  Now it does.
Model: 110.42922-200
Type: 199-AKP 702/WT
Now you can just download this and use it for your particular Kenmore washer.  If this was helpful to you, please consider buying me something from my wishlist.

Kenmore Whirlpool He3t tech manual


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