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New Coloring Book!

I created a coloring book for grown-ups! It has thirty-five pages of plants and animals wreathed in abstract complex organic patterns. Below are some examples of what’s in the book! Most of the nature scenes came from photos I took in our neighborhood or at our local botanical garden.

  • rabbit

On the back of each page is a description of the flower or plant in question.

It says it’s for adults, but kids can color these pages too!

You can buy it on Amazon here.

These are some complex drawings that will take hours and hours to completely color. There are multiple layers to consider in your coloring strategy, and many of the patterns are oddly numbered, so simply alternating colors won’t always work. The idea is to get so wrapped up in coloring and color strategy that your mind is focused on this seemingly simple task rather than allowing any squirrels in your mind’s eye to run incessantly on their squeaky exercise wheels. That said, there are no mistakes. It’s all about occupying your entire mind with the joy of coloring!

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