Kenmore Sewing Machine - 158.17851

Kenmore Sewing Machine Manual – Model 158.17851

For posterity, I have added this manual to my website for those looking for a free downloadable version of the owners manual that came with this original Kenmore Sewing Machine.

Download the manual either in booklet form for double-sided saddle stitched final result or single-page format for easy online reference.

This Kenmore manual is made for the following models:

Model: 158.1581, 158.1680, 158.1682, 158.1690, 158.1780, 158.1781, 158.1782, 158.1785, 158.17860, 158.17862, 158.17862

My model is 158.17851. I am unable to find the exact manual for this model, but of the ones I’ve been able to find online, this one comes the closest.

This model is a super high shank version that was made in Japan.

Sears Parts Direct has some original parts diagrams here on this page. Many of the parts are no longer made, no longer available from Sears. The owners manual is grayed out and also unavailable.

Download the single-sided pdf version of the manual here.

Download the printable double-sided pdf saddle-stitchable manual here.

Double Sided Manual Download

(For printing a physical booklet, double-sided, download and print the second pdf, half fold all the resulting sheets in order, check the order, then saddle stitch to create a physical booklet that saves paper and is about the size of the original manual.)

You’ll notice this scanned manual has not saved the optical character recognition (OCR) version with full searchable text because it was scanned by someone using a really old fax-resolution scanner. It’s too crummy to scan, but relatively legible for humans. It probably could be OCR scanned today. I may make that a future project.

I hope this manual is of use to someone besides myself! Please leave a message below if you found it useful. Thanks!

Apparently according to this link, this sewing machine was made sometime between 1968 and 1974, at a rough guess. This model number is not included, but other numbers from around the same time suggest this is a likely range of when it was made.

The model and serial number as they appear on the back of my machine:

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  1. I just bought this model Kenmore from a neighbor; it was her mom’s and hasn’t been used in decades. Thanks so much for sharing the owner’s manual!

    1. It doesn’t seem to exist anywhere else. The fact that at least one person found it useful has made this entirely worth the post. Thank you!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I have personally brought my machine to a local repair shop for the more unique parts, like a bobbin winder or needle plate. When it comes to hard-to-find no-longer-made feet or cams, etc., you could always try ebay or singer online. There’s also Sewing Parts Online. Both Singer and Sewing Parts have a solid reputation according to Google. Good luck!

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