Super Red Wolf Moon

Super Blood Wolf Moon

We watched the lunar eclipse last night. It was twenty-something degrees Fahrenheit! We live in the woods, so I had to capture these photos through a lot of tree branches. The first three images were taken using just auto settings hand held. The last three were taken on a tripod with low ISO’s and very long exposures. Needless to say, I took about forty or fifty shots altogether, but most of them were pretty much the same. These were the best.

This is clearly a hobby I am going to want to explore more. As much as I enjoyed catching the “Super Blood Wolf Moon” in digital format, it’s pretty important to remember that while you’re in the moment, it’s best to stop taking photos and just observe using your own senses. There’s no point in being there if you’re not actually going to be there.

I used a Canon EFS 55-250mm image stabilized lens to take these photos. That’s why the first three photos without the tripod were not a wobbly smear of light. The images are super grainy, even with low ISO and long exposures. I’m going to practice more night photography so I can hone skills for next time. No excuses… These are not perfect, but it’s a far cry from what my phone can do, so I’m happy. The next thing to learn will be better image quality through stacking.

I hope others will find some inspiration to go out there and find whatever your next “Super Blood Wolf Moon” might be.

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