Credit Card Pirates Want Your Debt

Credit Card Pirates want your debt.I just got a call from DW Scott Financial Services at 1-480-245-5745. The Caller ID came up as Debt Help. Of course I didn’t believe them. The guy asked for me by name. I asked him how he got my name and number. He said I must have visited their site. I said there was no way. I have never done any such thing. I asked again how they got my number. He told me that I must have called them. I said there was no way I called anyone in their organization ever. I asked to talk to the manager. He said he was the manager. I said there was no way the manager was taking cold calls and that I wanted to speak to his direct superior and wanted to know how they acquired my telephone number right now. After about five minutes of this, he hung up.

Usually its a robocall from Rachel with Cardholder Services. Most often, they hang up just seconds after I ask what the name of the company is. This time, he actually said he was with DW Scott. I think he actually believed it. There is no telling whether he actually was, and I seriously doubt whether he actually knew for sure. He was just a phone jockey hired, perhaps at minimum wage to take cold calls illegally, so my guess is that someone hired him and will quickly disappear when his paycheck comes due.

One sad consideration is that credit synicates like Visa, Mastercard, and Discover all know who these pirates are, yet allow them to continue even though it gives their syndicates a worsening reputation, primarliy because they make a lot of money too.

Credit pirates like ‘Rachel’ only call to steal credit card debt from legitimate credit companies so they can later raise your annual percentage rate to usorious rates intended to bankrupt people who are already ignorant and poor. In my opinion, credit companies are getting too greedy, and they’ll keep doing it until human citizens put the brakes on those ‘paper citizens’ known as corporations. Any APR above 6% is pure usory. I can only hope in the end that our government will grow a set of… teeth… and give this ‘Rachel’ and other pirates (perhaps DW Scott) exactly what they deserve.

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