facebook… facepalm…

facebook_facepalmFacebook is becoming increasingly commercialized. On one level, it seems nice–even convenient. For instance, you could gift someone a set amount of money to donate to a charity of their choice. Or you could donate money to a specific charity on behalf of someone on facebook.

But the first time I saw this, I wondered how easy it would be to assume that the person for whom this ad appeared on facebook was personally asking for gifts. 

On top of that, there are other questionable things facebook has done. For instance, at one point recently, someone I know who was in boot camp without any phone or device was shown to have liked something she would probably never have liked or even known about. If she was incommunicado, she could not have just liked it anyway. 

Similarly, one person who is now deceased on facebook ostensibly liked something she would never have liked. It seemed almost like a violation of her memory.

I don’t know where this is going for facebook, but I begin to question facebook’s credibility when it puts words in the mouths of people who couldn’t have spoken for themselves. What words are they putting in my mouth on other people’s screens? Likewise, it wrankles just a bit when facebook implies that a gift would be appropriate.

I have to wonder where the crass business end of this pipe is finally going to end up.

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