Below are various portfolio items downloadable in PDF format for closer inspection of details. Under the slideshow is a duplicate list for convenience.

  • George Hargreaves

Web Presence

Web Development

  • Athens Housing Authority
    This site was created first using Drupal, with a zen subtheme created exclusively for AHA. Then, I ported it to wordpress so the admins could have an easier time editing. I very much enjoy working with the folks at AHA. I manage updates and occasionally add content.
  • NCRA Recycles
    This is a very popular environmental non-profit in California. I created the front-end and maintain the backend security, but not the content, using wordpress.
  • New York Product Stewardship Council
    This was a quick WordPress site upgraded from a static site. I maintain the security and occasional complex content changes.
  • GrassRoots Recycling Network
    This is really old, mostly archival but has been a popular environmental non-profit site. Located in California.
  • magicJack Check
    A fairly popular WordPress site about hints and tips for magicJack plus. I’ve made quite a number of youtube videos that support this site.
  • The site you are currently viewing…
    Originally created in Drupal 6, I converted this site to WordPress.


Audio Public Service Announcements

  • Bear Hollow Zoo
    •  Random PSA’s are played every twenty minutes on the hour, 20 past and 40 past. The half-hour-to-closing PSA plays at 4:30 — similarly with the ten-minutes-to-closing and closed PSA. Below are the current PSA’s played on the zoo’s PA system.
    • Using an old computer, I converted it to a linux machine, compiled the scripts that allow audio to play in playlists and created a few bash scripts that allow for audio PSA’s every 20 minutes.
    • I then created these PSA’s using youtube audio for the background sound.


  • The below flash player contains some of the music I’ve composed in Finale using a Kawaii K-11. The genre is ‘Cinematica’ – background music for movies.

Coursera certificates

  • Coursera offers free online courses through existing university programs with certification.
    • Human Computer Interaction
      Statement of Accomplishment — with Distiction — 95.6%
      Ranked 9th of the top ten designs in this MOOC

Lynda.com certificates